Friday, June 20, 2008

Long days in Cuzco!

Hi everyone,

So, my computer officially doesn´t work this high up. Older brands, like the one I´m typing on, apparently do. Bleh. Anyways, that means that all the nice blogs I wrote to you all elsewhere will not be posted until later, but then there will be many!!!

Anyways, everyday is a party in Cusco, Peru. It is the city festival leading up to Inti Raymi this week, so that has been fun. However, if I have to watch one more traditional dance, I will explode. I spent most of yesterday doing that because it was a compitition between high schools. However, these dances are basically the same thing over and over... It got long after a couple hours and excrutiating after 4 hours. However, they were nice enough, I suppose. I think I would have liked them more if I didn´t have to sit in a bright sun (got a sunburn.. :() and watch these kids do these same dances over and over. The girls did the same thing every time. THey walk with their heads going from side to side. They twirl their skirts so you see their undergarments (usually a slip). They have these puffball things that they swing around (the one variation was changing the puffballs.) then they do a sort of two step around in a circle. There isn´t much more to it, but sometimes the boys did cool things. There´s this part where they whip each other with ropes and try not to flinch....??? It is pretty cool and also a crowd pleaser for the Cusquenyos. Well, I should go. Yet again, a line for the computers.... LOVE YOU!! MISS YOU!!!

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