Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ashley meets Peter Pan

So, I visited Ithaca, NY with Sandip at the very beginning of May. We went to see our very good friends Ashley and Nick who are in Cornell's grad school. It's an oddly specific major, so I never get it right. Something about landscape design, creating environments, people friendly spaces, or something. I'm sure I will be corrected at some point. Stay tuned for comments from Ashley!! Anyways, I absolutely love this picture of Ash. Doesn't it look like she has just been sprinkled with Tinkerbell's fairydust and is off to join the Lost Boys on some crazy wonderful adventure where Captain Hook will be called a codfish? I love it. I have also just discovered how to input pictures! Hurray!!! I really need to set up a picassa album or something for all of these things, but I have been sooooo crazy busy with everything. I didn't even think I'd get my nice camera out in time to go to Peru. It was tucked away in a box. However, today I destroyed our nice condo by taking everything out of every box. I still can't find half of what I need, but I did find the other half! I suppose that's a half-full scenario. Anyways, loved the picture and NEEDED to post it.

Ash- if you need to find me in Peru- second star to the right and straight on til morning!!

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Ash said...

Will do...and I'll never grow up!