Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drag Queen....

Hey All,

This is my Youtube video of me as a drag queen....

Too awesome for words... No wonder I get nothing done...

Vloggy Update

Here is the latest YouTube vlog:

It's sort of slow, but I all the controversy just seemed extra cranky or something... Oh well. Just letting everyone know what's been happening and.... I'm going to be IN A MOVIE!!! YAY!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cool YA Series

Check out this cool YA series by Maria V. Snyder!

CBS discriminates!!

I'm almost too angry to say much more, but here is an article about this:

Here is what I wrote to CBS:
I am extremely disappointed with CBS's decision to air the Focus on the Family ad during the Super Bowl. This is a direct violation of previous policy, especially considering the denial of the United Church of Christ's ad a few years ago. The previous denial was for an ad that created an atmosphere of inclusiveness whereas this ad is polarizing and discriminatory. I am ashamed that a corporate entity could describe their policy one way for certain groups and another way for other groups. Focus on the Family is known for their offensive, polarizing material that alienates a large segment of the population. I do not want to watch the super bowl this year if this ad is going to air. I will simply watch the entertaining ads on Youtube the next day. I will also be posting this information and opinion on my twitter feed, blog, and Youtube channel. This is completely revising my opinion of CBS and not in a good way. What are you becoming, another Fox News?