Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CBS discriminates!!

I'm almost too angry to say much more, but here is an article about this:

Here is what I wrote to CBS:
I am extremely disappointed with CBS's decision to air the Focus on the Family ad during the Super Bowl. This is a direct violation of previous policy, especially considering the denial of the United Church of Christ's ad a few years ago. The previous denial was for an ad that created an atmosphere of inclusiveness whereas this ad is polarizing and discriminatory. I am ashamed that a corporate entity could describe their policy one way for certain groups and another way for other groups. Focus on the Family is known for their offensive, polarizing material that alienates a large segment of the population. I do not want to watch the super bowl this year if this ad is going to air. I will simply watch the entertaining ads on Youtube the next day. I will also be posting this information and opinion on my twitter feed, blog, and Youtube channel. This is completely revising my opinion of CBS and not in a good way. What are you becoming, another Fox News?

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