Sunday, June 22, 2008

Latest fad: The Third World Diet!

Hi, I´m here to tell you all about the latest new diet brought to you by actual scientists!! We call it the third world diet, and it is just so much fun!!

You can lose weight easily, all while on vacation!!! Yes, it is just that easy. Simply by traveling somewhere where "High Fructose Corn Syrup" doesn´t translate, you too can enjoy as much delicious food as you want, all while reducing your waist line!! How does this incredible system work?? Let me tell you!!

First, pick any majestic location you could wish for, on any continent! Just make sure the country is in third world status. A more difficult terrain than your home country helps, also. All right, now that you have the destination in mind, simply go on vacation!! Eat wonderful local foods, walk through amazing scenery, such as the Andean Mountains of Cusco, Peru, explore museums and cathedrals!! Simply explore for a few hours a day while eating in local cafes, and your muscles will grow while you define your waist! An added bonus is a backpack filled with all of the wonderful things you need on vacation, such as snacks, water (for all that hiking!), and a travel guide!!! Perfecto!!!

Sure, it is very similar to diet and excercise, but with our patented system, you never feel like you´re missing out!! You are simply living a wonderful life of vacation and freedom!!** Note this system does not work on cruises or in resorts** For added weight loss, simply drink the local water!! **Please make sure a medical official is on hand after you´ve lost the desired weight.**


Sarah Kelly W. (travel destination: Peru) "This system worked great for me!! I lost four pounds in the first 8 days!!!"

S.K. Wright (travel destination: India) "The bonus water weight loss system got me down to a weight that I haven´t seen since the beginning of high school!!!"

Sarah Wright (travel destination: Costa Rica) "I only used the system for 2 weeks and I was completely fit afterwards!!"

Anyways, so, if you can´t tell from the post, 1) I´ve been alone with my thoughts for a while, and yes, I think I´m funny and 2) I´ve noticed that my waist is already smaller. No idea about actual weight since I haven´t weighed myself or anything, but hiking up a hill to my school and then also exploring Cuzco (and climbing to the top of a very tall mountain (Huyna Picchu) next to Machu Picchu) has trimmed down a bit of that baby fat (I realize that it´s not baby fat, but I´ve kinda been a baby in grad school and it´s grad school fat, so....) I´m also eating incredibly healthy. There aren´t too many high fat, sugar options for vegetarians here, but there are many, many very healthy options. There are 8+ just vegetarian restaurants just in Cuzco!!! However, I am really eating a lot of vegetables and bread. And it´s all good for me!! That and massive water consumption is REQUIRED for walking around all day. Hilly, hilly, hilly. Anyways, I´m posting this and then hoping to add in a couple pictures from Machu Picchu!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

Love you, miss you!!!!!


AJ said...

Greg wants to know if you've tried a pisco sour yet. Salud! :D

Ash said...

Ha! You are funny, I could use this diet you speak of...doesn't seem to work as well in NYC..