Sunday, June 22, 2008

Huayna Picchu and her more famous sibiling: Machu Picchu!!

The famous rock out face and the famous Machu Picchu!!
A guy with the EXACT same camera took this with his wide angle lense!! Ithaca is gorges, but so is Machu Picchu!!!

I had to get a fedora, in the land of fedoras, and what better one to get than an Indiana Jones style fedora!!!! I am actually doing a cool leap of faith kind of thing in this picture, but you´re missing out on the coolness. However, I´ve got the hat, so it has to be awesome, right?? (Theme music plays!)

I hope you enjoy my mini-tour of the top of Huayna Picchu!! Although I thought I was going to die (many, many times) on the way up, it was totally worth it!! Of course, if I died, it probably would´ve been less worth it... It was an absolutely amazing experience, and I totally bonded with a lot of people on the way!!


AJ said...

Fedora, leap of faith, and theme song. What more could you ask for? Dig the international rock out face, too. :P (There's my little rock out face - :P)

William said...

More and higher climbs. We should know by now, you are a high flyer. Enjoy the trip every day, but this could be the best tourist day.