Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am a squirrel...

Hi Guys,

I was just having an informative conversation with my fiance, and he was frustrated that I like to hoard things. I calmly informed him that I am a squirrel and that's just what squirrels do. However, I would like to point out that if you buy party decorations every time you have a party or a holiday, it's very expensive. We had a Hollywood themed birthday party with lots of stars and decorations, and Mr. Suvedi claims that I should throw this stuff out because it's taking up space. However, my squirrelly nature wants to keep it all for future use. I can see having a Hollywood theme again, right??? Makes sense. However, we're moving very very soon, and everything has been threatened with Salvation Army. Don't get me wrong, I love the Salvation Army. I like to buy stuff there and I think it's a wonderful place for reusing old stuff. However, I do not want to give the Salvation Army all my stuff. I am a squirrel. I keep stuff until it's useful. And the stuff I forget about one day becomes a tree.... well, maybe not a tree, but it'll be good for something.

Speaking of squirrels, the saddest part of moving for me (other than having to move AGAIN :() is leaving Phyllis behind. Phyllis is our squirrel friend who sometimes eat peanuts that I leave her on our balcony. She and I have become good friends over this past year, starting somewhat rockily when she was determined to dig in my potted plants. However, we moved past the flora destruction into peanut fiestas. She visits my baby kittens through our glass door. (They're not babies anymore... their first birthday is coming up in May) But they hang out and play through the door. She used to sit on the chairs when they were out there, but she'd knock them over when she got scared/excited. Torie especially likes to watch to Phyllis and the bird do-wop group through the windows/doors. I've stopped giving Phyllis nuts lately because we're moving and I don't want her to get in trouble with the new residents of our apartment. Don't worry, she's got plenty to eat this spring, I made sure. She's still quite fat and sassy. Phyllis the fat and sassy squirrel. Sounds like a children's book. Phyllis is such a funny name for a squirrel. Sandip blames me for it, but I can't help it if Phyllis's parents were mean!! Like I should listen to Deep-Sand-but-switched on that one, anyways!! (LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!! Remember the chicken!)

Anyways, I should stop ripping on him or I'll get in trouble. I'm in trouble anyways because I have an exam tomorrow and should be studying. It's not my fault my class is so boring..... :) Anyways, gotta run. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Sarah the Squirrel

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