Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I miss the Gilmore Girls

Hello for the second time!!

I was just sitting here, watching an old episode of Gilmore Girls, while doing my homework. I really, really miss having new episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch. It is such a good show!! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE it. It's brilliant. Funny. Touching. I miss it uber lots. I mean, it's the relationship every mother and daughter wants to have. Plus the crazy grandparents thing!! BRILLIANT!!! OK, ok. The Gilmore Girls rock, and I miss it.

Anyways, I am a brilliant chef. I thought you would all like to know. Tonight, a wonderful pasta dish full of asparagus, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and lots of spices. Oooh, and some cooking wine. Plus, I made chicken. Now, if anyone reads this who doesn't know me, they may not understand how big of a deal this is. I am a vegetarian. The non-fish, lactose intolerant kind of vegetarian. The I-hate-touching-all-meat-products kind of vegetarian. The fact that I made chicken shows how very much I love my fiance, Sandip. Because even when I ate meat, I HATED touching raw chicken. It's gross and slimy. And you have to play with it to get all of the fat off. You have to finger it and fiddle it, and it's GROSS. Slimy, awful chicken. I'm very very sweet. Hugely. In case you were wondering, I am incredibly humble, too. In case you were wondering.

All right, all right. I've now bragged about myself and discussed my heartbreak over missing the Gilmore Girls, and I still have all that homework that I needed to do. Whoooooo..... Lots of love!!!

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AJ said...

I can definitely relate. LOVE the Gilmore Girls and would love to watch more new episodes. HATE to touch chicken and make it for my man anyhow. Smiles. :)