Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First Day

Hellooooooo World!!

This is my first blog ever, created in anticipation of my trip to Peru this summer. This will hopefully help me keep in touch with everyone who I might not regularly email. For now, however, I am writing to practice. Perhaps I will even have some insight!

So, I turned 23 yesterday. It's really hard to believe. I don't even feel like I've turned 22 yet, let alone 23. I know, I know, 23 is SUPER young, and I have tons and tons of time left in my life, but still.... Time flies, doesn't it? Sometimes I feel like I am a four year old trapped in a body that's just growing up too fast. Ugh, 23 is grown up isn't it? :-p

I guess this blog will be able to recount life after 23 years on the planet. Oy, my birthday was great, it's just the idea that time goes so fast that bothers me. Except in really, really boring classes. Then it stops, completely and totally stops. Yes, to anyone I don't know, I am in graduate school. I am getting my Master's from Ohio State in geography. What will I do with a degree in geography, you ask?? I have no idea either. Something else, I suppose, since I won't be doing GIS. Work for the government. Get a Ph.D. Become a hermit. Start a Pirate Themed Bakery. I'll find something or other. In fact, I've been seriously considering a Ph.D. in Rural Sociology. Not that I've ever taken a class, but it seems less stressful than the geography department. We're required to take 15 credit hours, but full time at OSU is only 9. I mean, holy wow, what a difference!! I could possibly work for the university in some capacity and take classes every once in a while. That could be fun.... ?

Ok, you may have realized that I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up beyond 23. It's a really hard concept to get my head around because I've ALWAYS had very definite goals for the future. They've changed over the years (although, I still think I would have been an EXCELLENT hollywood actress, thank you very much!), but there's always been something after whatever I'm doing. Now that I'm doubting the Geography Ph.D., I just don't know what else I'd do. I'm a lost little puppy.

Oh, I've got ideas about what might be fun to do, but nothing that's like, YES! That's what I want to do!!! I want to have a job where I KNOW that I'm making a positive difference in the world, but I love what I do. Why is it so hard to combine those two things?? I'm just too neurotic. Stress eats me up for breakfast. Like a hungry tiger. In fact, since starting grad school, I've developed tension headaches, had stress outbreaks of rosacea, and made my eye allergies worse all because I internalize stress. That's why I'm thinking of possibly switching departments if I feel like doing my Ph.D. 6 fewer credits a quarter would be fabulous!! Or at least, so it seems from standing on the brown and stubby grass on this side of the fence.

WOW.... What a cranky blog this has been so far! How about I move on to some of the positives going on right now. I'm going to Peru!!! Whooooooo!! That's pretty cool. Oh, and I got lots and lots of cool stuff for my birthday. I got tons of movies from my sweetie: The Indiana Jones Collection, Marie Antoinette, John Tucker Must Die, and The Devil Wears Prada, not to mention a mountain of candy. Very nice, sugah. From my grad school friends, I got a lion stuffed animal, a Target gift card (because I LOVE that store... seriously, LOVE!), a Grow-Your-Own Oscar, lots of candy, lip gloss, colored pens, and yummy smell spray. I mean, whoa!! It's good to make friends!! From my very good friend, Ashley, I got beautiful earrings (which I'm wearing now!), two Grow-Your-Own kits (Princess and Vacation!), chocolate, and a journal. This isn't even counting the wonderful cards and facebook messages from my friends and family!! I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Anyways, that's enough for now. Since I have NO IDEA who'd read this, I'm out like a failed Project Runway contestant. Should I find that anyone cares, I will tell you all about the fabulous Hollywood Birthday Party and my feelings on dill pickles. Heck, I may do that anyways. Thanks for reading!!


The Sar-bear


Sandip said...

Good luck with your blog sweetie! It'll be one more way to keep in touch when you're in Peru!! Love you lots!

Ash said...

Very nice! I appreciate the honesty about grad school, got to get out that crankiness out somehow - I should know!

P.S. I love the kittens Utube videos on the bottom - adorable entertainment!! You've inspired me to revive my blog from the beginning of this year...

William said...

How many day can you celebrate one birthday? As many as you want and the gifts keep coming.
Ideas are easy, attitude when I write can get negative. You will amaze the world!
The other half of William - Mom