Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Condo!!!

Helloooooooo Nurse!, I mean, World...

So, we bought our condo yesterday. WHOOOOO!!!! I'm currently sitting in the only real chair we have here, in our new condo. The kittens are here, as well, but I don't think they're particularly happy. They're very jumpy and weirded out. It probably won't help when we take them back to the apartment while everything here is cleaned and/or painted. However, we just wanted them to be here on our first night. They're adorable. I woke up with both of them within 2 feet of me, but not too close. All morning they followed me around and didn't let me out of their sight. Now, they're hanging out on the same level as me. I went upstairs, they went upstairs. I went downstairs, they went downstairs. Wow, this is a REALLY entertaining blog!!

Getting a condo makes you think about things, though. I don't mean like a complete existential re-thinking everything kind of thing. It's just so odd to be growing up. I don't think of myself as an adult, but I have been for five years. Wow. I'm responsible for a piece of property. Holy wow. It's just odd.

So, anyways, I was thinking about paint colors for the upstairs bedrooms. The previous owner left a big ol' unpainted spot on the wall. So, we're definitely going to repaint that, but I think we should repaint both bedrooms. Something with color. I don't mind the downstairs being all white because there're a lot of other things going on, like the fireplace, the kitchen, and all that. But upstairs needs some happy color. Ugh, I'm supposed to be cleaning right now. The last owner did not leave things very tidy. What're you going to do?? We're going to get the carpets cleaned and the ducts cleaned. I'm also thinking about painting the kitchen cupboards. They're a medium brown wood veneer thing right now. It's pretty dated. It looks like th 70's to me.... Could be just me though. Anyways, gotta run. Cleaning waits for no woman. I swear this blog'll get interesting sometime. ;-p


AJ said...

Congrats! Have fun at Home Depot, picking out a bazillion free color swatches. I'd love to help, just let me know. (p.s. You are great at picking out scents. I love my buttercream.)

Ash said...

hey! You are soooo much better at having a blog than me...I will check yours way more often ( maybe I should start using mine again if anyone would read it!).

Peace (and skittles)