Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cuddling, Kittens, and More Work

I know that I will get in trouble with my sweetie for this post. I am trying to do more work than I have time for, but I'm completely distracted. COMPLETELY! I am unable to concentrate or get anything done. However, I have three weeks until I leave for Peru. Just three!! And I still have the IRB, 2 loooong papers due and a final! Not to mention finish booking my hostels, school, flights, trip, and making a final schedule. Oh, and did I tell you that we're renovating our condo and have to move in the next week and a half??? Plus, we have to find a wedding photographer before I go so we can get engagement pictures between when I get back and when school starts. Lord....

So, anyways, I will get in trouble when everyone reads this. After all, I am giving myself a guilt trip about it. However, as I've learned in the best class ever, Qualitative Research Methods, sometimes you need to express your vulnerable, frustrated self. So, here I am. I'm just overwhelmed with everything. I really have to get the paper and the IRB done by this weekend so I can get my other paper done next week so I can go to Bay City the weekend after for my darling goddaughter's 9th birthday. Oh, yeah, and the move has to happen within these next two weeks. However, I like that the last week will really just be involved with being settled, booking my last hostel in Cusco and perhaps the photographer. Who knows.

My blogs have all been fussy, huh? Well, what're you going to do. My apartment is covered with crap, everywhere. The condo is messy. I'm messy. My neighbors are fighting again. They yell a lot. I've got a lot going on here. Oy, I'm feeling the pull of my work. So, later days.

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