Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wealthy Shark Girl

Anagrams are fun!! The opening title is just one in a series. Here are some more....

Hear Gawky Thrills

Hark! Whale Gristly!

Highly Raw Stalker

Lightly Wreak Rash

Gawk Rashly Hitler

Why A Krill Gathers

Shh Twirly Age Lark

Anyways, these are just some of the many wonderful anagrams that I made from my name. LOVE IT!!!

Here are some for Peace and Skittles:

A Panicked Settles

A Cad Steeple Stink

It Slackened a Pest

I rode a llama becomes.....

Malarial Ode

I Lead Amoral

Lo! A Mead Lair

Graduate Student is now....

Ungraded Statute

A Understated Tug

Rudest Tut Agenda

End Gut Saturated

Data Tented Gurus (that's a favorite of mine...)

Dude, Stagnant Rut

All of those are very true about graduate school..... Very good of the anagrams to reflect that!! Anyway, that was fun to make, although the length may not reflect the amount of time that went in. I hope you are all very well!!!


Ash said...

"Dude, stagnant rut" is my personal favorite statement on grad school

Sarah said...

Isn't it the best??? I love it!!! They describe it so well...