Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Abundance of Sarah Babble

So, the video above is random, but fun. I was excited about the president and John Green (the author). I was also hopped up on some Dayquil... which is always helpful to maintaining energy levels. It was just about the best I felt all day. I am in the process of getting sick. I've had a fever. Well, sort of. I don't know if you could say it was a full-fledged fever since the hottest the thermometer showed was 99.6 F. HOWEVER, everyone that felt my forehead claimed it was ridiculously warm and I should go to bed if I wasn't feeling good. However, all that napping plus dayquil means that I am awake now, promoting my video. YAY! Except I'm tired already. And while I did my homework for the week, I still have grading to do and that ever-present, ever-dreaded thesis to do... I would give a kidney to have that darn thing done. Seriously. A kidney. I'm blood type A +, if that helps.

I always liked my blood type. My pompous, little, over-achieving self really enjoyed thinking things like "even my blood gets an A +." Luckily I was smart enough not to say it out loud (well, beyond my parents) because that is worthy of a serious @$$ kicking. I don't know why that was less offensive spelled out in symbols... but it was! Anyways, despite the serious lack of people looking or reading my blog (or watching those videso, for that matter), I still enjoy typing some of these things out. I always liked the idea of diaries, but somehow having a forum where I get to broadcast my views to the world is even more fun. YAY!

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