Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Truths and a Lie...

Hey everyone!

So, I joined in on a couple different memes on YouTube this past week. (I know! There's nothing like the power of procrastination when you've got a big deadline coming!!) My favorite is the 2 Truths and a Lie meme, although anyone that knows me even a little should get it pretty quickly.

However, I also did the Google meme where you type "Your Name" and a verb into Google and then tell everyone the results. That one was a lot of fun, too.

There're some good ones!!

And, last but not least, I had a good time in the snow... although I bruised my tailbone on an unpictured fall on the ice. However, the part where I got snow up my coat was pretty funny...

So, anyways, have fun watching, if you get a chance. Also, note the songs on the upper right corner!! You can listen to some of my inspirational music that I'm using while writing my thesis. Super fun!! Have a great day!!

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