Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Hey Everyone!

I am really excited because we carved pumpkins today!!! Hurray! I was really excited because I think they turned out really well. We bought a carving kit this year, so we had little saws that made detail work easier. Sandip used a stencil, too, to make a really cool, really scary clown pumpkin. Here's a picture:
Sandip's clown guy is on the left, and in the middle, we have a pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin. Then, there is a standard, scary pumpkin on the right. I'm sad that you can't really see all the details. There's a lot of detail work that went into this year's pumpkins because we had those little knives. We could be very precise. For example, in the pumpkin on the right, I carved nostril holes, and cheek definition. But, I guess only people seeing them in person can be impressed. Oh, yeah, I carved the one on the right and the little, scared pumpkin. Both of them were freehand, which I feel takes less patience, but more skill than Sandip's stencil pumpkin. He also carved the scary cannibal pumpkin and figured out the engineering behind making the little pumpkin stay put. Of course, if I were the little pumpkin, I would roll out of the mouth too.

In order to be in the Halloween spirit while we carved pumpkins, I agreed to watch a scary movie with Sandip while scooping out pumpkin guts. After I rejected an exorcism movie, he chose Aliens. That is a scary, scary movie. I feel like it is just the right amount of suspense and gore to really freak me out. Not that I'm particularly good at watching horror movies. In fact, I usually refuse unless it's close to Halloween. People are obligated to watch scary movies during the month of October. It's a law in some states.

Anyways, that is actually why I am still up at 12:45 on a Sunday night when I have school the next day. I'm just a little too freaked out to go to sleep. The movie ended a little over an hour ago. Sandip went to bed right after that, but I stayed up to do school work. However, once I turn the lights off in the living room, I have to walk upstairs in the dark. IN THE DARK!!!! It's just not going to happen right away. I may have to watch an episode of Friends or something to get my mind off things.

I've never been a good post-scary movie person. After my family went to see the Blair Witch Project, my brother jumped out of the hallway at me, and I screamed so hard that I cried. I think I actually started shaking after that. Greg got in BIG trouble for that business. And anyone that says the movie wasn't that scary just doesn't have that great of an imagination. That's my big problem, especially with suspense. I think of all the awful things that could happen, plus I have this empathy with the characters, so I feel like I'm really there in the situation. It's terrifying. However, I would like to say that at least I'm not as bad as Kristy... She was freaked out after we watched a scary movie, and then she picked up our cat and went to go downstairs to get something. My brother was walking up the stairs , not being scary this time, and Kristy threw my cat at him. THREW MY CAT. Just in case you didn't get it the first time. It's fun to repeat things in capital letters.

However, hurray for Halloween. Hurray for October. I have so many costumes that I want to wear that I think I will dress up all week before. Anyways, have a spooktacular October!! Happy Halloween!!!!

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William said...

We don't get to watch scary movies here either. It can't be genetic as Greg can watch them. I can't suspend belief.
Love the pumpkins. We have the ceramic kind with no guts and no glory.