Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Greg!!!

This is just a short note to wish my brother a Happy 30th Birthday!!! Yes, I know, with all of these old people around, it must be my youth and vitality keeping the family going... Just kidding!!! Anyways, I figured a nice public forum would be a good way to wish a happy b-day to my bro. I'm trying to reach him in all forms possible: calling, e-mailing, e-carding, blogging... Now if only I can guarantee that the skywriter I hired makes it over Greg and Amy's house at the right time. Or should I say the Wright time??? You know, for how much I HATE it when other people make Wright jokes, I sure do it a lot.

Anyways, feel free to leave a comment for my brother. I know most of you don't know him that well, if at all, but those that do (a.k.a Mom and Dad), feel free. I don't think he'll mind.

I am doing well, in case you're wondering. I totally got someone else to finish transcribing. I just have to do the translating afterwards. However, I think that'll be much easier without having to listen to the words 18 times while pouring over the dictionary to see what it is. So, I'm back to simply interviewing, although I am also trying to find a color printer somewhere that works so I can print some stuff out for INRENA. I looked today, but the only place I know that has a color printer says its broken for now. Which could mean that it is just out of ink, or it could mean that it died forever. You never can tell with bees... Yes, that is a Winnie the Pooh quote, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG!!!! Many happy returns to you, as well. I hope your day is/will be awesome!!! Lots of love from your little sister in Peru!! I'll be happy to loan you anything from my new movie collection when I get back!!! (It's reached over 40 movies now... It's almost scary, especially since I rarely have time to watch them, so I'm really just collecting them at this point...)

Anyways, love you all!! Miss you tons!!! I'll be in the same country in less than 2 weeks!!! Shoot, I have a lot of work to do first....


William said...

We want to wish Gregory a happy birthday!!! Great party, Amy. We can't wait for the next celebration.

Now for the submarine races in your honor.

AJ said...

Greg loved the e-card you sent, Sarah. This post is very sweet as well. Happy you got a transcriber. Thanks for the positive e-vibes! ;)