Friday, July 25, 2008

Indiana Jonesette and the Raiders of the Lost Glaciers

Hey Everyone!!

So, after many, many days of tough work with little reward, I decided to take a bit of a break this afternoon. Instead of being rejected by Peruvians, I decided to make a little compilation of photos into a movie. Those of you who know my background know that my love of Indiana Jones runs deep. In fact, the Indiana Jonesette series created by Kristy Barry and myself ranks high in the list of all time best productions, at least for me, using the Wright family video camera. So, what better anthem to serve as a background to this Peruvian adventure (especially considering the location of the most recent episode in the real Indiana Jones saga!!) than the theme of themes... Enjoy!!

Well, that about says it all. Now, all I have left to do is get a video of Jeff Bury in his Indiana Jones hat saying, "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?"

As you can see, despite the trials and tribulations everyone encounters while here, I have had an amazing time in Peru thus far!! I'm really glad that I took the afternoon to remind myself of all the fun times. I hope you are all having an equally amazing summer!!! We're getting close to the 3 weeks left mark!! I will see you all very, very soon where I will bombard you with even more pictures!! Love you, miss you!!!


William said...

This is a great movie and pictures.
Please take the time to see it!!! I wonder if Kristy likes the original better, curious people want to know.

Sandip said...

Hey Sweetie,
Great video! I really enjoyed watching it. I even recognized my own work, and I'm glad I got photo credits in this major production. Keep taking lots of pictures; you look awesome in them! Mwah!!

Canada Glacier said...

Nice work Jonesette! Sorry to hear about your temporary standstill, you're going to keep doing great on your interviews with your motivation! (but, making a movie to recoup was a great idea. Perhaps you can sell it in the Columbus Blackmarket or at least trade it for a few jars of pickles)
Sarah F

AJ said...

Hola Sarah,
Love this video! You look very happy. I shared it with Jake and Becky and they enjoyed it very much. Great background music.