Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Flu, the Phelgm, and the freedom...

Hi guys,

I am currently hanging out in bed in Huaraz. I've had the flu for a bit over a week now, and I'm missing out on a fabulous trip to a 4700m pass that is supposed to be ridiculously beautiful. It's very, very lame. I actually got up at 6 and got completely ready to go, packed lunch for Sandip and I, ate breakfast, and everything, but I was still feeling pretty crummy. I told one of the other professors (apparently there's a group from some university in Albany, NY also...), and she said, "well, you're definitely not going, right?" I think part of it was self-preservation from the flu that wouldn't quit, but she and one of the million other Sarah's explained that going up that high would be hard on a healthy person's body. However, with someone who has had the flu for over a week... devastating. That doesn't mean I like it, though. However, they said I could probably go there on my own sometime in the ages I have here. But everyone's there. Only 3 people are actually doing any work, but everyone went. This will probably yet another thing that certain someone can hold over me in reasons to dislike me...

Anyways, I figured that if this stupid flu was actually going to interfere with "work," I should go to the doctor and get treated. So, I went with the daughter of the woman who runs my hostel because they're very sweet and didn't want me to go alone. It was pretty good actually. Unless someone was talking really fast, I understood the Spanish and the doctor assured me that I didn't have a throat infection (flashbacks of strep throat have been haunting me...) So, it really is just the flu, although he said I did have extreme congestion. He also prescribed me a mountain of medication. I have 3 shots (one a day for three days.... bleh) of an anti-flu medicine. I think it's anti-viral and anti-symptomatic... I dunno. I looked it up online and read about in Spanish (apparently, it's only a Latin American medicine). Either way, I feel better, so whatever. I also have pills and two types of effervescent drops to put in water. The one is really tasty, actually. I think they should market it as a soda... It could be the next Inca Kola!!

So, now I'm sitting in bed. I took a nice "hot" shower, and I've been watching some of the many DVDs I purchased on the black market ("Molina") in Cuzco. Well, I asked, and every person said they were legal copies of the movies, but seriously??? Anyways, they're fun, and it's been interesting to sneak some pretzels (the doctor said no food with any artificial preservatives in them... now I would normally follow the doctor's orders, but I grew up on pretzels when I was sick, so I'm sneaking them behind the grandmother type who is taking care of me.... utterly sweet lady, but no appreciation of the healing power of pretzels) I am, however, listening to the doctor and avoiding my first love: carbonated beverages. I've got my effervescent friends if I'm feeling down, and all the tea I can drink, which takes care of the caffeine headaches.

It's been sort of nice to just take it easy today and not have to be "on" for everyone because they're gone. However, I miss Sandip. He offered to stay here with me and entertain me, but I would be a horrible person if I accepted that offer. He loves stupid mountains, so I'm sure he's having a blast and talking too much. "When I went to Everest base camp...." Oh, what a big lug. I am going to miss him like nobody's business when he goes. Do I really have to do Master's research?? Couldn't I just pretend instead? I miss my little home with my little cats and the big lug. Well, time to head out before I get all emotional. I want to see if I can sneak a Snickers without getting in trouble... besides movie bliss is calling my name!!! Leave the poor, little, sick girl some love!!!

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William said...

We like the movie better than your ill health. Get plenty of rest. Does that sound like you Mom? Maybe because it is. Drink fluids. Mom XXOjavascript:void(0)
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