Friday, November 28, 2008

I love the ukulele!!!

Hi everyone!!

So, I'm technically writing my final paper for Joel's class right now.... Which is obviously working out well for me. I'm in my old bedroom at my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I'm trying hard to get work done (the reading for the rest of the quarter = done), but it gets to the point where I stop being productive. So.... I YouTube. Not making videos this time around, although I've got a couple ongoing projects that will for sure come to fruitation, if I ever get a real video camera. :) However, I wanted to share this with anyone who might happen by my blog anytime in the near future. I'm totally loving all the ukuleles on Youtube. It's fantastic!!! One of my absolutely favorite players is Julia Nunes, who opened for Ben Folds after he saw her videos online. (This is why I <3!!) Anyways, here are a couple of my favorites from her!!


YAY!!!! Have a fabulous rest of Thanksgiving weekend!!

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